Method Gives Thanks To Our Mentors

We couldn’t do what we do without you! 

Method Communications

With giving season upon us, the team at Method wanted to give thanks to our clients, our journalist friends and partners. We couldn’t do what we do without all of you! 

And we couldn’t do it nearly as well without each other — especially those colleagues who go out of their way to provide invaluable mentorship and guidance. 

At Method, we make mentorship a priority; we don’t have “managers” and “direct reports,” we have “coaches” and “buddies.” We believe mentorship helps individuals reach their greatest potential, creates a culture of education and collaboration and ultimately, develops better work. 

Beyond formal coaching relationships, many at Method have multiple informal mentors — a peer with a different expertise, a leader with a never ending supply of stories from the field or an early career employee with a fresh perspective. Whomever it comes from, mentorship takes time and energy. And we strongly believe it’s time well spent. 

A wholehearted thanks to you, Method mentors! 


“Everything I’ve accomplished in my short PR career so far is due to the mentoring and coaching I’ve received from Robin. Since becoming my coach, Robin has always challenged me to be the best version of myself and guided me through the ups and downs of being a PR professional. So thank you, Robin, for being the amazing person and mentor that you are.”

—Sergio Valencia, Account Executive 


“For close to 7 years now, Beth has not only helped me navigate career growth and moves, but has also always been my biggest advocate when navigating personal moves and life milestones. She’s taught me more than I can write in two sentences, but the number one thing she’s taught me through her own actions is to pass it on – pass on the opportunities, the advice, the generosity and care.” 

— Jessica Shapow, Account Director 


“I am incredibly thankful to have Holloway as my coach and mentor. She has always made me feel so welcome and has given me a safe space to discuss anything that is on my mind. Under her coaching I have gained much more confidence in my work and look forward to learning more from her! :)” 

— Catherine Paull, Junior. Project Manager


“My buddy, Nate, is one of the most creative, kind, and resilient people I know. I’m so grateful for everything he’s taught me about how to think differently and his constant encouragement to stretch my writing skills.

“Clay has taught me that humor and joy can uplift everyone. So thankful for his mentorship and laughs.” 

— Belle Quaio, Social Media Director 


My coach Katherine has been a wonderful mentor to me the last four years. She’s a big reason why I am the PR professional I am today, always pushing me to do my best while supporting me however she can. Her advice has been invaluable to me and I’m grateful to have her in my court. I can’t thank her enough for how much she’s helped me.”

— Natalie Lund, Account Executive


“I’ve been at Method for a long time and have had a lot of incredible mentors over the years, who I can’t thank enough for their help and kindness. Two that really stick out, and who continue to teach me, are Jake and Clay. I’ve been able to work with each of them on several accounts, over multiple years and they’ve taught me way more than I can put into writing. I consider them both much more than just colleagues and am grateful for their continued mentorship nearly every day since they’re both still stuck with me on a daily basis.”

— Zachary Allen, Account Director 


“I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Keenan! He is an incredibly skilled PR professional — constantly finding creative ways to drive coverage and meet the needs of our clients. Keenan consistently provides sound media strategy and is INCREDIBLE at drafting contributed articles on behalf of our clients. He’s a joy to work with and has taught me so much! I’m honored to be learning from the best!” 

— Lakshan Lingam, Senior Account Executive


“A mentor I have to give enormous props to is Michael Osterman of Osterman Research. When I was building my career as a PR and AR professional, I was also writing freelance for several tech magazines and Michael was often my go-to for the most interesting opinions on the state of the technology industry and he spent time explaining the reasons for his opinions so that I could have full context. He always encouraged me to embrace my interrogative/investigative style, complete with wide-ranging opinions, but he also helped me streamline and focus my content. He taught me so much in such a short period of time and I am always grateful for his patience and belief in my abilities.”

— Melisa Bleasdale, Vice President, Analyst Relations


“Having Robin as my coach and mentor is one of the reasons why I love PR. The way she thinks through everything so strategically and personalizes her advice to individuals is something I am always in awe of, and her pushing me to reach my potential and think about my problems in a new light makes me very grateful to be her mentee and proud to work at Method with the best and brightest.”

— Sruthi Raman, Account Supervisor