Our Capabilities

In today’s world, earned, paid, shared, and owned media not only coexist but support, reinforce, and amplify each other.  As your partner, our goal is to understand your business goals and work with you to build and implement the right strategies and tactics to achieve them.  Our PR and marketing programs leverage every tool available to garner the kind of results we’ve become known for.

PR & Marketing

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning starts with insights. We leverage market, industry, audience and brand insights to help build a strategy that supports objectives and identifies opportunities.

Then we’ll make a plan for messaging, content and distribution, helping you reach (and influence) target audiences every step of your journey. Strategy is the foundation of everything we do. From our initial kick-off session to campaign implementation, we keep coming back to it. Because the best laid plans start with knowing why.


We’ll work with you to create (or refine) clear, non-jargony, succinct messaging. We’ll focus particularly on addressing the “so what” question — not just “What does Company Z do for consumers?” but “Why is the world a better place because Company Z is in it?” Clear messaging is the foundation for everything that follows.

Media Relations

We identify the journalists and influencers important to your audiences and cultivate meaningful relationships that drive engagement and impact. We maximize the impact of every announcement you have — and help maintain a steady narrative even in a low news cycle.

Our solutions include:

  • Media strategy
  • Spokesperson development & media training
  • Acquisitions and IPO announcements
  • Funding announcements
  • Product announcements
  • Trendjacking, HARO management
  • Narrative development through research insights

Content & Design

Pairing strong writing with exquisite design is key in the rapidly moving, content heavy world we live in today. That’s why we assign an expert writer to each account.

We use content to engage, educate, persuade and build trust with audiences across communication channels. Creating content that can be pared down into “snackable” pieces is the name of the game and having a content plan is the starting point. Our integrated approach to the work we do means that no matter where your content begins, it ends up where it needs to be to make the most impact.

Our services include:

  • Message and brand development
  • Content strategy – Full funnel content planning
  • Ebooks, survey reports, whitepapers
  • Blog management and SEO
  • Collateral, presentation decks
  • Bylines, press releases
  • Thought leadership
  • Brand identity –  naming, logo and style guide development
  • Campaign and creative development
  • Video
  • Case studies

Thought Leadership

We take a fully integrated, 360 approach designed to build executive thought leadership. Our recommendations center on formalizing a more intentional, strategic program that goes beyond the occasional byline, social post, speaking slot or interview to use each individual executive spokesperson and their unique platform to shape your overall corporate narrative.


With in-house expertise equivalent to a market research firm, Method Research brings the advantage of working directly with those executing your communications strategy. We leverage market insights along with quantitative and qualitative data to create attention-grabbing narratives for our clients.

 Method Research is integrated into your entire PR and marketing strategy:

  •  We’re keyed into your goals, your strategy, your audience, and your market
  • We understand the media and how to compete for sound waves
  • We approach research and insights from a communications viewpoint
  • We uncover the critical forces at play that will impact you and your customers
  • We design a forward-thinking strategy

Our services include:

  •  Customized, primary qualitative and quantitative research
  •  Secondary research and audits
  •  Data analysis and storytelling

Social Media

Our approach is fully integrated, leveraging social channels, influencers, paid amplification and growth strategies to support broader business and marketing goals. We build communities and showcase your branded content through custom imagery, video and strategic content planning.

We build engagement, support brand loyalty, drive sales, and create meaningful results. Our team of social strategists and platform specialists provide support for both B2B and B2C clients looking to further leverage their presence on social media channels to amplify key messages. 

We build brand loyalty and engagement through:

  • Content strategy and development
  • Influencer marketing
  • Organic and paid content amplification
  • Executive social program management
  • Platform specialists: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Marketing and PR integration
  • Share of voice analysis and brand monitoring


In today’s world, where you can no longer segment audiences because everything is shared and internal communications are quickly made public, employee communications are more important than ever.

We work with clients on employee communication strategies supporting everything from company growth and global culture to sensitive issues like DEI and downsizing and everything in between. Our scope includes strategy and content,  as well as social media management and response strategy. 

Crisis Communications

We have worked directly with clients through numerous company, product and executive crisis scenarios — including data breaches, bankruptcies, layoffs, lawsuits, accidental deaths, and inappropriate conduct by employees and executives.

Each of these cases requires a customized and specific response, and we excel at working on the ground with the emergency crisis team, dictating strategy, working with key internal and external stakeholders, handling incoming media and analyst inquiries, and monitoring social media channels to respond appropriately.

Speaking & Awards

You could spend a ton of money on sponsorships and a lot of time traveling from conference to conference — with very little to show for it in terms of business impact. We work with you to identify the opportunities that make the most sense and have the most impact, furthering the stories you want to tell to the audiences you want to reach.


We live in a digital world where content is created, shared and amplified through all forms of digital communications. We leverage these platforms to share your story by building a cross-channel marketing strategy that often times leverages a combination of paid, earned and owned content. We have the tools to create and share digital content in targeted and measurable ways.

Our services include:

  • Programmatic digital media buys
  • Web development and landing page development
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • SEM
  • Email marketing
  • Animated graphics
  • Video content
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