Polishing Presentations with the Mediagenic Method

How to engage and energize a live audience like a pro.

Dora Scheidlinger
Vice President

After years of virtual events during the pandemic, Domo’s annual conference known as Domopalooza returned to in-person programming in 2024. To ensure both new and out-of-practice speakers were primed to engage and energize a live audience, I worked with 20+ executives in both group and one-on-one sessions that covered everything from stage presence, to delivery, to how to edit scripts to enhance the conversational flow. The results in this sizzle reel speak for themselves, providing a snapshot of the confident delivery of keynotes, product demos, and fireside chats we saw during Domopalooza 2024.


I also had the privilege of training seven partners and founders ahead of Lightspeed Venture Partners’ Annual General Meeting. Those presentations were confidential, but Alicia Van Bourg, Lightspeed Venture Partners’ Director of Events said, “There was a noticeable difference in the presenters who worked with you, from their on-stage presence and confidence, to overall preparedness.”

Some of the key tips that stood out across both sessions include:

  • Speak Slowly: It’s natural to rush and speak quickly, especially when you’re nervous. Consciously slow yourself down by reading your script notes line-by-line, taking pauses to break up long-winded thoughts or emphasize certain words. You might feel like you’re talking too slowly, but the audience won’t notice.  
  • Read Your Script Out Loud: Writing and reading styles are very different. Be sure to read through your script out loud to determine where to adjust words or phrases to make your speech sound more conversational and natural. 
  • Smile: It may sound silly, but don’t forget to smile. Smiling shows you’re engaged and excited about the topic. Smiling is also contagious. If you smile, you’re likely to elevate the mood of the people watching.

Presentation training is part of Method’s new offering, known as The Mediagenic Method. Developed and provided by Method’s seasoned team of former journalists, The Mediagenic Method is media coaching tailored to the needs, goals & schedules of today’s thought leaders. Contact mediatraining@methodcommunications.com to learn more.

In the ever-changing world of media and technology, strong presentation skills are one of many ways that Method helps leaders stand out in the crowd. With more competition and content to choose from, polished and natural delivery is a strong differentiator for speakers looking to make an impact.