Turning E-Commerce Challengers Into Champions

Today’s e-commerce tends to be a world divided. The giant marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba might seem to dominate the industry, but a growing multitude of digitally savvy merchants thrive by selling their own products directly to consumers. We support clients in both worlds, elevating their brand recognition and showcasing their executives as industry thought leaders.

Overstock.com, for instance, is one of the oldest and largest e-commerce marketplaces. For them, we have arranged news and feature coverage of the company’s product line and sales strategies, while securing appearances for their CEO to lend his expertise on the business and the industry in top-tier media including CNN and CNBC.

We understand the dynamics of the e-commerce world.
In the case of Shogun, which has helped more than 18,000 brands set up and operate online stores, our data-driven analysis of what online shoppers consider to be deal-breakers has enabled the company to gain ground among many e-commerce and retail outlets — and raise its profile in mainstream media. And for Klaviyo, a marketing automation innovator supporting more than 265,000 online retailers, we arranged dozens of media opportunities for the executive team, and recently helped the company achieve a high ranking on the Forbes Cloud 100. We understand the business and branding dynamics of the e-commerce world. Why? Because our clients include both industry leaders like Overstock and pre-IPO newcomers that include Shogun, Nuvemshop and Klaviyo, which are enabling direct-to-consumer companies to flourish amid the giants.