Seizing the AI Moment

AI has long been an exciting innovation arriving sometime in the future, but all that changed when ChatGPT and generative AI took over the media conversation in late 2022. At last, here was AI that could create useful content, sounded human—and could possibly reshape every business on earth.

Everyday AI: We seized the moment, pitching expert perspectives from enterprise AI leader Dataiku on a range of hot topics such as bias, regulations and implications for business around everyday AI.

Generative AI for pharma: We also pitched out the chief AI officer from Absci, a generative AI company focused on creating new medicines, to discuss what AI needed to leap from the realm of big tech to big pharma (spoiler: more data)—with massive implications for curing disease.

AI for productivity: Cresta’s CEO discussed how AI can fuel productivity by improving customer engagements and providing meaningful coaching in real-time—not by replacing workers.

Sales enablement and AI: When the pandemic hit and paused in-person travel—historically key to close deals—we positioned Gong’s AI platform as a critical sales enabler. We made the most of news around funding, international expansion and new C-suite hires to build premier media relationships, and expanded their thought leadership profile with insights from Gong’s platform around the most effective sales tactics in a remote world and much more.

AI could possibly reshape every business on earth.

Rapidfire media engagements positioned our clients as critical thought leaders in opinion-making publications as media sought to understand the ramifications of generative AI, earning visibility in top-tier publications from The New York Times to The Financial Times to Fortune to Insider to Forbes. New relationships with reporters also drove interest in other company news and sparked incoming requests for content that kept the virtuous cycle of visibility going.