Research That Wins Results

In the information age, there’s no shortage of data that can be turned into content. The hard part is to identify and own the narrative around that data and then tell that story in compelling ways. That’s where Method’s world-class research team comes in. When done well, research can anchor your communications campaign. From marketing and PR content, to social and earned media, and on through to thought leadership, we use research to tell our client’s stories and build their brands.

Method Research has generated considerable media coverage for our clients. A recent survey we conducted among remote workers for BambooHR, for example, revealed the financial impact to employees across America of Covid-related delays in receiving raises and promotions — a revealed trend that resulted in feature articles in Inc, Insider, and Fast Company, among others.

Another study for Klaviyo, on how Covid changed our mobile phone habits, resulted in an interview leading to a piece in USA Today, among others. The article included links to a designed research report produced by Method and hosted on Klaviyo’s website, driving traffic to the client’s owned channels.
Research done well, can anchor your communications campaign.

A project for Credit Sesame yielded data for four separate press releases throughout 2021 and resulted in three separate features on highlighting race and gender disparities in access to credit and showing the impact of credit stress on Americans’ wellness.

And, in one of our largest research projects to date, a global study for Young Living anchored the client’s integrated global communications program. The campaign included owned and earned media, social posts and an influencer partnership. The Method-designed content also helped the client’s sales representatives with customer outreach and highlighted Young Living as a global brand.