Method’s most vital work in 2020 was helping our clients shape their DEI initiatives. In 2019, our leadership team foresaw how the PR industry was ideally positioned to lead the way in addressing racism and inequality. In 2020, creating change became our mandate.

Leading the Conversation
One of our most important DEI-focused clients is Facebook, which relied on Method’s expertise to share their successes in creating real change through diversity and inclusion. Method helped Facebook shine a light on various DEI initiatives, such as its Elevate program, its supplier diversity program, and the SMB grant program that earmarked half of the U.S. grants towards minority, women and veteran-owned businesses. Method also helped Facebook launch its annual diversity report, which included accountability from within the company, but also valuable resources for helping improve DEI initiatives for everyone. As the launch date for the diversity report grew closer, demonstrations in support of the Black Lives Matter movement broke out across the country. Throughout this, Facebook leaned heavily on Method’s expertise and media connections to help tell a compelling story in the right way.

DEI in Tech
PagerDuty is another important client that works closely with us on DEI initiatives. Jennifer Tejada, the CEO of PagerDuty, has spent years promoting and building a uniquely diverse and inclusive culture. One of the most compelling and engaging voices in tech, Tejada is a rare minority woman at the head of a major Silicon Valley tech company. Our recent work with PagerDuty has resulted in glowing profiles in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, culminating in a blockbuster IPO.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are top of mind for most companies in tech. While Method continues to provide vital guidance and help for fast-growing organizations like SurveyMonkey, Podium and Domo, it also continues to accelerate its own DEI growth.

For now, and for the future, Method is helping its clients develop tools and practices that are making a difference for their companies and their communities.



Today, 50% of PagerDuty’s executive team is female, and its board of directors is both ethnically and gender diverse. Though societal pressure has historically pushed companies to start diversity initiatives, Tejada sees diversity and inclusion as business imperatives rather than something PagerDuty is forced to implement.
A CEO’s Pledge: ‘I will not accept bias or racism in our company, period.’
This report follows a number of other initiatives announced by Facebook in recent months related to racial equality. In June, it committed to spending $200 million in support of US-based Black-owned businesses and organizations, and it added a section to its app featuring fundraisers, educational resources, and stories from Black people.
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