But, as confirmed by the recent Freshworks study, despite aggressive hype by many CRM providers, we're not seeing the widespread user awareness, adoption or satisfaction we'd expect.
AI offers an opportunity to transform customer support, engagement and, ultimately, success.
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The program worked exactly as intended, generating outsized attention and dramatically increasing site traffic for this challenger brand.
Hacking Disruption When you’re a scrappy CRM software company, how do you make noise in a space dominated by an industry behemoth? You don’t. You let your competitor’s unsatisfied customers do it for you. As a hungry customer relationship management tool, Freshworks was eager to expose where the big player in their space wasn’t giving its customers everything they wanted. And nowhere was that lack of service more glaring than in its AI solutions. Freshworks asked Method to flex our research muscle and help them tell this story in a unique way.
The Bigger They Are, the Higher We Go To crash the competition’s party, our approach was two-fold: a survey that exposed AI weaknesses in the competition’s CRM tool, and a stunt that put the attention on Freshworks during their rival’s big conference. First, we conducted a survey of CRM users to find out what they’re not getting and what they actually want. The results were clear: Artificial intelligence is creating artificial impact. AI-based CRM products seemed to be more hype than help. Next, we stole the show by flying a blimp over San Francisco when all of the other guy’s users and partners were in town — giving a whole new meaning to cloud-based marketing strategy.
Goliath-Sized Results Freshworks earned plenty of buzz around our survey report and “blimpcast.” Forbes wrote about the Artificial Impact report in two separate articles and our Facebook live webinar about the research finding with Freshworks CMO David Thompson had nearly 5,000 views.
The Artificial Impact survey report used hard-hitting data and stunning visuals to expose weaknesses in current AI solutions.