Empowering Enterprise Upstarts

In enterprise tech, the global giants tend to dominate the headlines. But the true growth and innovation often come from the disruptors who create new technologies and speak the new languages that are re-inventing the 21st-century economy. At Method, we pride ourselves on empowering the enterprise upstarts, helping them define and amplify their identities.

Recent standouts include Freshworks, one of India’s new generation of tech innovators. We helped Freshworks define itself in the U.S. as a fast-growth leader in customer engagement and IT service management software. That narrative set the stage for a successful IPO, with the Method team generating 19 interviews and 2.4B+ impressions — including two hits in CNN — that helped propel Freshworks to a valuation of $15 billion. 

“Freshworks’ monster debut on the public markets, exceeding its own expected valuation,’ ’Joe  Williams wrote for Protocol, “firmly established the upstart enterprise software company as a threat to two of the industry’s biggest names: Salesforce and ServiceNow.”

Even the biggest brands can benefit from our expertise in helping define their categories.

In the case of Domo, a rising star in business intelligence (BI) data analytics, we’ve been the company’s partner from stealth mode in 2011 through an IPO in 2018. Since then, we’ve helped Domo bolster its reputation as a BI leader that provides the real-time data and insights needed to make critical decisions. Mad Money’s Jim Cramer, for instance, highlighted the power of Domo’s COVID-19 tracker, calling it “the best one out there.”

IPOs are only part of our enterprise capabilities. Take Twilio Segment, for example. Segment chose Method to help accelerate its momentum as a Customer Data Platform (CDP) industry leader in August 2020, setting the stage, a few months later, for Segment’s $3.2 billion acquisition by Twilio. Since then, we’ve demonstrated the value of Segment’s CDP, through thought leadership from Segment’s founder in publications like Protocol and ZDNet, product launches that have been covered in TechCrunch and VentureBeat, and customer stories and data in outlets  like Adweek.

And yet, for all our experience with disruptors, even the biggest brands can benefit from our expertise in helping define their categories. When Meta’s professional messaging platform, Workplace, needed to build credibility and distinguish itself from the consumer Facebook app, for instance, we partnered with our London-based sibling agency Harvard to attract positive media attention on both sides of the Atlantic. As a result, Workplace is now known as a future-of-work trendsetter and key to fostering community at work. Announcing a partnership with Microsoft Teams, for example, resulted in 60+ articles in the U.S., including broadcast coverage on CNBC, and features in Reuters, The Verge, The Washington Post and ZDNet.