Cornering the Market

Unison pioneered co-investment — financing a home with equity rather than debt. This better, smarter way to buy and own a home was developed to overcome the barriers of the current housing market as well as to reinvent the ability current homeowners have to access their equity. Method was challenged to explain the necessity of this disruption and spread awareness of Unison’s products.

Building a Solution

Method employed its strategic, integrated marketing and PR strategy to develop a groundbreaking report featuring Unison’s proprietary data and the company’s unique perspective on housing affordability, emphasizing the need for disruption in the housing market. The report was 45 pages of industry-leading insights combined with engaging, beautiful graphics. Method also created infographics, drafted blog posts, wrote a press release, developed a thorough list of media contacts, created assets for  social media and built sharp, engaging pitches to entice the friendlies and targets it had developed throughout the eight-state launch and brand relaunch.

Meaningful Results

he Method team’s efforts paid off as media seized on the curated report. The work delivered more than 50 media hits in the first month after launch and over 15,000 mentions on Twitter – including eight articles on the day of the announcement – across a broad spectrum of top tier mainstream and industry media. Highlights included a major win with a story in The Atlantic and other big impact coverage in CNBC, Forbes, Housing-Wire, OZY, New York Daily News and Business Insider. Important call-outs from the report were shared across social media, spiking engagement from key media members including Sam Sanders at NPR, McKay Koppins of The Atlantic and Michael Hendrix of the Manhattan Institute. Perhaps the most important outcome is how the success of the report supported the launch of Unison’s product and set the stage for the company to begin disrupting their market – which, as the report proved, is an area of great need for millions of people.

The campaign’s runaway success put Unison and its products front and center for many media and consumers for the first time and cemented the company as a voice of authority in the widely discussed and debated issue of housing accessibility. Since the launch, Method has continued to strategically use the report to drive positive coverage, including in media profiles of Unison and its CEO through major podcasts like Wharton Fintech, Cheddar TuneIn and Bank On It, as well as in top-tier outlets like NBC.


In cities such as San Francisco and New York, it can take decades of saving to be able to afford a down payment on a home, according to new data from home co-investment company Unison.
Places where real estate is cheap don’t have many good jobs. Places with lots of jobs, primarily coastal cities, have seen their real-estate markets go absolutely haywire. The most recent evidence of this remarkable change comes in a new report by the real-estate firm Unison. The company, which provides financing to homebuyers by “co-investing” with them, calculated how long it would take to save up a 20 percent down payment on the median home in a given city by squirreling away 5 percent of the city’s gross median income per year.
The Atlantic
It takes 14 years to save for a down payment in the U.S. — 27 years in major U.S. cities and a whopping 95 years in one part of Colorado. That’s according to a report comparing median home price and income data, released today by San Francisco–based Unison, a ‘co-investing’ real estate platform that offers buyers help with down payments in exchange for home equity.