From Little-known Chem Company to Sustainability Leader
Genomatica was a leader in bioengineering but less famous outside of industry trades. Method was charged with repositioning the company as a sustainability leader and expanding its narrative to attract attention from brands via top-tier media. 

Data-driven Storytelling
Our strategy aimed to establish Genomatica as pioneers of a new direction for the chemical industry — placing them at the forefront of the trend of making more sustainable materials. To establish leadership, we coined an entirely new category — clean manufacturing — and let smart data do the heavy lifting.

In partnership with Method’s in-house research team, we developed a consumer-centric survey exploring public perceptions of sustainability, which we used to open doors with top-tier media. To cap it off, Method aggressively helped place Genomatica in key events and awards programs targeting mainstream venues.

Catapulting Coverage
Our sustainability survey won broad exposure in FastCompany, Fortune, Forbes, Treehugger and more, positioning Genomatica as a category-forging thought leader and sustainability expert. Our awards push landed us coverage in TIME‘s Best Inventions feature and set the table for broader visibility, such as winning coverage for a relatively minor production milestone in Forbes, Vogue Business and WWD.


A new survey – conducted by Genomatica, an environmentally conscious bioengineering firm – found sustainability is valued on both sides of the aisle, with 70% of Republicans and 80% of Democrats saying sustainability is important.
Genomatica is acquiring assets from the REG Life Sciences division of Renewable Energy Group to expand the San Diego-based company’s product platform into more areas.
Our hunch was that people don’t know where their stuff comes from, and that if they did they would want to see change,” says Genomatica CEO Christophe Schilling.
Fast Company