A More Sustainable Future

Many believe that we are beginning the early stages of the green tech era. But because making and marketing products can place demands on the environment, tech companies must continually innovate to meet consumer demand in sustainable ways. At Method, we prioritize working with client partners who value sustainability in their products and processes.

Genomatica has long been a noted leader in bio-engineering, known for creating sustainable, renewably-sourced chemicals and materials from plants instead of crude oil. The company was well-respected for creating sustainable versions of popular chemicals used in consumer goods, including plastics, personal care and cosmetics. Our work with Genomatica earned the company a feature in Forbes and made significant inroads with premier fashion publications, including coverage in Women’s Wear Daily and Vogue Business — a significant feat for a highly technical company previously known only in the chemicals industry. 

Sustainable tech is focused on reusability, social responsibility and environmental innovation.

Vivint Solar is in the competitive residential solar space, a field in which customers are demanding more features and capabilities. One in-demand capability is an energy “ecosystem” — a hub that lets homeowners conveniently control home energy management, storage and electric vehicle charging. With companies like Tesla announcing residential solar partnerships, Vivint needed to innovate to maintain a leadership position. To publicize Vivint’s partnership with Mercedes-Benz, Method emphasized the combined solution’s unique aspects, including customizability and German-engineered performance. The result? Coverage quadrupled the company’s media goal with 125+ original articles in key publications, including The New York Times, CNBC, The Verge and Bloomberg.

Array Technologies puts a spin on solar power — literally. The company engineers trackers that pivot solar panels so they follow the sun’s path, from east to west, increasing efficiency by up to 40% compared to fixed panels. Not only does Array promote sustainability by being a clean energy producer, the company continually innovates new technologies to further reduce emissions. Array’s SmarTrack software, for example, dramatically regains lost kilowatt-hours from diffuse light conditions and greatly reduces the need for equipment maintenance and labor, boosting productivity and leaving an even smaller carbon footprint.

Goal Zero launched as an outdoor tech company in advanced battery technology, known for bringing innovative portable solar and power products to the market. But Goal Zero needed to elevate its profile and tasked Method with charging up its reputation. We positioned the company as a smaller but more cost-effective home power resilience solution for consumers. Our efforts secured top-tier media placements across consumer tech, lifestyle, energy/solar, and business publications that highlighted Goal Zero products and the company’s versatility across multiple audiences. Method secured more than 250 articles across a range of media, including Business Insider, Forbes, Digital Trends, PC Magazine and Solar Power World.