Seizing the Funding Moment
After 14 years of quietly building a rabid fan base, 1Password sought to springboard off its $200M Series A round to bring its password manager deeper into the massive enterprise market. They came to Method to maximize their moment and create a new category to elevate their profile, earn the respect of the tech industry and fuel growth.

Introducing: Enterprise Password Manager
Method led a messaging overhaul that included interviews with founders, the CEO, the executive team, investors and brand evangelists. We confirmed a critical new category for the company that reflected the power of its offering: an enterprise password manager (EPM). We deepened the story with a narrative around EPM serving as a foundational layer to the identity and access management stack among market-leading categories — and other three-letter acronyms such as single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

A Category is Born
A strategic media blitz that engaged executives and investors earned 40+ feature stories with 230M impressions for our funding announcement, cementing the company’s move to the enterprise. We even got a little help from a competitor who copied our category a few weeks later, confirming the value of our approach. Method built on this launch to develop research projects exploring shadow IT and seizing on hot topics affecting the enterprise. The team secured 131 pieces of coverage in the following quarter, amounting to 2.3B+ impressions. Thirty-seven percent featured enterprise messaging – marking a sea-change over previous years and confirming the company’s pivot.

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