Analyst Relations: Unlocking the Power of Perception

Method AR offers full service analyst relations that Provides strategic guidance to leadership, building and supporting successful, rapidly scalable AR programs. Working with our clients, we pinpoint and amplify key differentiators and actionable analyst insights that guide accelerated product development, sales and new business enablement opportunities.

Method AR develops highly customized AR programs that are designed with your company goals in min. We know which analysts can help you reach your goals and the best routes to take to get there. It starts with a foundation of open, transparent communication between our clients and the industry analysts that matter most to them.

We admit, we don’t follow a templated approach to AR. Each of our clients is unique and their AR programs reflect that. For some we build a program from the ground up or refresh a stagnant role. For others we are the external support for the internal lead.

We know that successful AR is  the result of strategic, positive and consistent relationship building.

      • Our success is deeply rooted in the authentic and powerfully collaborative relationships we build with our clients and with the analyst community.
      • By “relationships” we mean that the analysts know our names, know what our clients do, have a positive opinion of us, are in consistent contact and are happy to respond to our emails, calls and requests.
      • We have ongoing relationships with over 150 key analysts across 10 firms. Each analyst in our clients’ core coverage areas presents an opportunity to expand awareness among their ideal buying personas.
With strategic Analyst Relations, companies significantly strengthen their brands, enhance their sales efforts and amplify awareness.

We offer a wide range of services, from ground up program development to strategic and project guidance for major evals like the Quadrant and Wave, to analyst firm contract negotiations to prepping for briefings and even how to best use inquiry and advisory time. 

Why use Method AR?
  • Method AR works closely across important business functions like product marketing, new business development, PR, Comms, marketing and sales to provide competitive intel, market trends and ensure that all messaging is aligned and strengthened with analyst validation/stats/research and insights.
  • Method AR is lead by a longtime technology journalist who knows that great storytelling is at the core of building and refining our clients’ narratives.
  • Method has in-house capabilities to achieve anything our client needs from speaker training to well-designed content development to world-class research, industry surveys and more.