Unsung Hero:
If you’ve refinanced or purchased a home digitally lately, there’s a good chance Blend powered the software behind it. Founded in 2012, Blend — one of HousingWire’s 2020 Tech 100 winners — has steadily grown to be a powerhouse in the mortgage tech industry. Their white-label technology is what powers mortgage applications on the site of banks such as Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank with the goal of making the process faster, simpler and more transparent. But they were still small and hungry to grow. 

From Backstage to Center Stage:
Blend was a fintech rockstar being held back in an analog world. The old way of doing things in the mortgage industry included mountains of paperwork and inefficiencies that consumers hated dealing with. They wanted us to champion their digital initiatives, expand their share-of-voice and attract higher-profile customers as they grew to encompass consumer banking and help shred the old way of doing things in the industry. So, in the same way Blend worked hard behind-the-scenes to rise to renown in their industry, we laid out a strategy to elevate their national profile, as well as cement the reputations of the CEO and President as industry thought-leaders.

A Media Magnum Opus:
From our efforts, Blend executives were spotlighted in over 50 speaking engagements and appearances in 2019 alone, across the fintech, banking and mortgage sectors. Most notably, President Tim Mayopoulos gave a feature presentation at Goldman Sachs’ Housing and Consumer Finance Conference.

Blend Labs Inc., a startup that first became known by helping big banks make it easier for homebuyers to get a mortgage online, is branching out into a new industry: insurance.
While instant, lower-cost mortgages may still be a ways off, Blend has established an impressive track record. The company has raised $160 million in venture capital funding giving it a half-billion dollar valuation.
Today the company’s product is the “powered by Blend” automated application process for more than 110 U.S. banks, including tiny local banks plus Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank.